Inside Prudent Tips For Job Interview Methods

tips for job interview

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Ignore your salary history. If you use your previous salary as a base for deciding how much to ask a new employer for, you’re unnecessarily tethering yourself to a figure that may no longer be relevant. Instead of basing your salary negotiations on what you’ve been making in the past, start from scratch and look at what the market rate is for the role that you’re applying for now. You might find that it’s actually much higher than your old salary. And if you don’t limit yourself by assuming you can only ask for a small jump over what you made previously, you might end up with a significant increase in your new paycheck. [See: 25 Awesome Business Jobs for 2016 .] Don’t wait for your boss to initiate a conversation about your salary. Some companies still do salary adjustments every year, or talk about raises at the same time that they’re doing annual performance evaluations. But lots of companies don’t , and at those companies there may never be a natural or easy opening for you to ask for a raise. Because of that, you should generally assume that you’ll need to initiate the conversation yourself. That means that when you’re ready to talk about your salary, you should assume that you’ll need to schedule a meeting with your boss, raise it during a regular check-in meeting or otherwise take the initiative to make the conversation happen. If you wait around for your boss to give you an opening, you may end up waiting forever.

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